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meem are leading the way in developing and delivering training programmes which focus on diversity around Race, Religion & Cultures.

Tailored Training

Whatever diverse solutions you seek, meem can research, develop, deliver and assist in implementing the required training.

Islam and Muslims

Muslims form the second largest religious group and most culturally diverse ethnic group living in Scotland today.

According to statistical analysis, animosity towards Muslims in Scotland has increased over the past few years. The problem may be as old as Islam itself, but one cannot fail to have noticed the increased controversy surrounding the public's perception of Islam and Muslims since September 11th and ongoing world affairs.

Furthermore 86% of Scots questioned know little or nothing about Islam and Muslims.

Our seminar entitled 'Islam and Muslims' has been taken up and highly commended by a diverse range of organisations including: British Transport Police, Strathclyde Police, Inland Revenue, Scottish Executive, NHS, Glasgow University, Victim Support, Community Education to mention a few.

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Race, Religions & Culture

This seminar looks at the impact of race, faith and culture in your organisation and focuses on the needs and issues facing the diverse religious groups across Scotland.

Informative and thought provoking presentations delivered by religious and cultural institutions from backgrounds as diverse as Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity, and Buddhism, help to highlight both the similarities and also differences across multicultural Scotland.

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"The Islam and Muslims course was extremely informative. This one-day course provided valuable insights into a unique cultural and religious way of life within the Scottish community. The facilitators provided opportunities for questioning, debate and discussion in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

This is a course that is thought provoking and stimulating. It will help me to do my job better."

Ron Ellis, Breathing Space


Mohammed Ali